April 16, 2012
Springtime in Education « Cooperative Catalyst

If we were to close our eyes and imagine a glorious spring day, we might imagine a lush meadow with flowers and a forest alive with green growth. We might see sunlight,  blossoms, feel the soft breezes, hear birds chirping, lambs bleating. Whatever our image of spring, it would be young and fresh, filled with an energy that renews the spirit and offers the promise of life to come.

I believe we are on the cusp of a new season.  It is time for Springtime in education.  We are being called by our children and by the times, to coalesce a completely different vision.  A vision that rises to meet the real needs of human life and all life on the planet now and into the future.

Let us take the dollars and the energy we have been spending on saving the “old tree “ and put it into co-creating a new seed.  Let us step outside of ourselves, admit the system is dying and build something with and for our children that will ignite passion in all of us. Let us plant a new tree whose fruit will nourish and sustain the natural curiosity and openness of our children.

Despite the immensity of the task, manifesting Springtime in education is not impossible.  We possess the creativity, the wisdom, skills and gifts to launch a new spirit and form in education.   It is time to stop blaming, repeating the same old patterns, and holding on to old territories, and for the sake of our children, join together and refuse to compromise.

Let us think the unthinkable together.  And most importantly, let us be inspired by the voices of our children, for they are the only future we have.